At the Tan Company - Springfield, we take pride in providing only the best tanning lotions and moisturizers from Australian Gold, Swedish Beauty, Designer Skin and more. Use them every time you tan to maximize your color and keep your skin glamorous and silky-soft.

Accelerators Bronzers Blushes


Accelerator Tanning Lotions contain natural enzymes that will stimulate your skin and increase the production of melanin, making it an excellent lotion to start with!


Bronzers are a “turbo-boost” for your lotion! Your bronzer works with the lotion to amplify its effectiveness, speeding up the appearance and darkening of your body's natural tan. Bronzers typically come pre-blended with a lotion, which makes them easy to use and very effective.


Body blush is a non-irritating ingredient found in many self-bronzing lotions. It is designed to increase oxygen levels in the skin and encourage a faster and longer-lasting tan when applied. Body blush aims to minimize any irritating side effects that some standard self-tanning products produce (those that include "Tingles"). Body blush in a self tanning lotion helps you quickly achieve a rich, enduring tan. Body blush is an ingredient that is safe and suitable for all skin types.



Tingling tanning lotions have lots of benefits for increasing tan exposure to hard to tan spots and aiding in darkening existing tans. However, tingle tanning lotions are not for everyone, so we recommend you start with a lower tingle factor and work your way up. Your Tan Company consultant will be able to help you find a Tingle that is right for you.

How these tingling lotions work is actually pretty simple. Although the tingling effect may be different for different tanning lotion manufacturers, the tingle effect is produced in the same way. That is, by a chemical reaction between your skin and a certain chemical in the lotion. This chemical reaction stimulates blood flow to your skin more quickly than normal.


Body lotions are not meant for the face. The face is one of the most delicate parts of the body and when tanning, it needs to be treated differently.

Depending on the brand and type of facial tanning lotion you are shopping for, there are also many other benefits. These lotions contain anti-aging and firming formulas, as well as being non-comedogenic (it will not block your pores, this is good if you have acne-prone skin). Also, most tanning lotion manufacturers have facial tanning lotions with tanning accelerators or bronzers. Our certified Tanning Consultants will assist you in finding the perfect facial lotion for your skin type.

Mystic TanMystic TanMystic Tan

Mystic Tan Products

Exfoliating and moisturizing products accelerate your tan and produce deeper, darker results while the premium Mystic Tan® sunless tanning products not only maximize the appearance of your tan, they also nourish and moisturize your skin so that you stay tan longer. Get the sunless tan that Mystic Tan® is famous for –anytime, anywhere with their Self-Tanning products. Lastly, eliminate odor, extend your tan and prevent uneven fading with post-sunless products.


Body Scrubs/Washes

Exfoliate dry and dull skin with our line of Body Scrubs to reveal the radiant, supple skin below the surface. Our body scrubs are high in antioxidants, which help to combat the damaging effects of free radicals on the skin. Some of our formulas are vegan, paraben-free, gluten-free and THC-drug free.

Tan Extenders

Moisturized skin tans easier and faster. Dry skin reflects the UV light making it useless to try to tan with dry skin. Our products have been formulated by top skin care companies to ensure the best moisturization for tanners and longer-lasting tans because of it. Due to the harsh effects of bath soaps on the skin, shower gels are available and are much gentler on the skin. They also replace all the vitamins and minerals you lose in your skin while tanning, not to mention the triple anti-aging and firming effects!with title and copy to the right.


Outdoor SPF’s

Outdoor SPF’s (Sun Protection Factor) provide protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays. SPF measures the effectiveness of the product and indicates how long you can safely stay in the sun before you burn when using the product compared to not using any sunscreen at all-when used correctly.

Australian Gold SPF products are available in 8, 15 and 30. All offer enhanced protection across the broader UV spectrum, and are waterproof.

We also offer SPF lip balm because your lips are very sensitive and cannot protect themselves against the sun’s rays.